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Executive summary

Win thanks to convincing executive summaries.

97,8% of participant
(stat. 2021 toutes formations)

Participants learn how to write decisive executive summaries with clear and messages that make your work stand out.

Your issues
group 93Content
The course’s teaching objectives
Position to win

Convince decision-makers with relevant client promises

Be client-focused

Write with 100% client focus

Be credible

Formulate client advantages made credible by concrete evidence

Be aligned

Facilitate technical bid writing with the held of internal experts

Strengths of the training course
manager explaining to the team new company strategyMethodology

Learn and practice a structured and tool-based method

lecture and training in business office for white collar colleagues. focus on hands of speaker.Expertise of the trainer

Share in the experience of a Shipley-certified experienced consultant

people join gearwheels around toy rocket as metaphor for teamwork and launching new projectSharing a common culture

Apply a common methodology to the teams and accelerate capacity building.

case study text concept written on wooden blocks lying on a tablEmblematic examples

Work on emblematic examples

Target audience
  • Members of a bid proposal team
  • Members of a BU/BL team
  • Members of marketing and sales teams
  • Key accounts managers
  • Capture managers
  • Proposal managers


Materials and teaching aids

Shipley training materials

You leave with

A methodology and tools to write convincing executive summaries

“Reprehenderit esse labore id veniam ut veniam non ex adipisicing amet ullamco dolor proident. Exercitation velit ea incididunt sit qui do ipsum fugiat laboris minim.”

Irma Watson
UX Designer
Your tailor-made training.

We can tailor our training to your specific case or strategy.

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Perhaps you don’t know how to write an executive summary? Are you looking for a reliable method to make your executive summary impactful? You need Winning Executive Summaries, our tender training course dedicated to writing an executive summary. This course teaches you how to transform your executive summary into a real project matrix which is sure to win over the client. After the Winning Executive Summary course, you will know how to align your solution with the client’s vision.

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