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Our teams are organized daily to welcome and accompany people with disabilities. For this, we thank you for contacting us before the training to discuss your educational objectives and specific needs.

Digital Certifiaction

As a business development professional, be your own first promoter! Stand out  and take your career to the next level.

Shipley France certification gives you professional recognition and recognises the skills you have acquired during your training.

Once the certification requirements have been reached, we will issue you with the associated certificate of achievement.

Shipley France certification has been recognised in the world of business development for over 50 years.

Easy to share on LinkedIn and other professional sites, make it visible, you’ve earned it!

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Our clients with critical high-stakes business constantly encounter situations of highly competitive requests for tender. They ask Shipley France to help them define a strategy, provide methodology, structure the work of teams, challenge their response and prepare the tender presentation.

Our tailor-made tender training course

Our tender training courses:

We offer 7 training courses to help you learn how to write a request for proposal and how to write a tender response.

Do you ask yourself “how to prepare a request for proposal”? Several of our courses are perfect for you, starting with our course, how to make an offer in project mode, which provides tools for structuring and organising your team in order to formulate a tender response. 

Our training courses are complementary and allow everyone to make progress on a key stage in your response to tender. One of our flagship tender writing training courses is the Executive Summary course, which provides capacity building for writing executive summaries. In addition, our tender training courses, such as Communicating with influence, Common thread and storytelling, Bid writing and illustrations, give you the resources you need to create an impactful and winning response.

The Solution scenarios course is key to understanding your environment and choosing the scenario that will win you the tender.

We offer a course to influence bid writing by adopting a winning strategy. Our training scope is broad and we train you to influence the specifications and how to find request for proposals prior to publication of the request for tender. This is the Capture Plan course. 

Discover the content of our 7 training courses on our website.