Shipley, your ally for winning high-stakes requests for tender

Win new business thanks to an effective tried-and-tested methodology

Our philosophy

We train your teams using Shipley’s methodology, which is the industry reference in terms of requests for tender

We provide tender coaching for your teams using this methodology. 

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of business won when coaching is provided
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bid managers and sales representatives trained
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certified consultants around the world
Shipley associates : a global network

Since 1972, businesses have used the Shipley Associates network to win high-stakes business within a competitive environment.

Shipley Associates works in over 20 countries, making it the perfect partner for your teams all around the world. 

Trusted partners

Shipley works with businesses of all sizes, whose activity depends on their success in tendering processes, within highly competitive environments in France or internationally.

Management team
Martial Rouyère

Martial has worked in corporate and investment banking and asset management for 16 years. He is a partner in the P-Val Conseil firm, Shipley France’s parent company, and specialises in business performance. He provides consulting, training and business coaching.

Laëtitia Ménéghini
Training Manager

Laëtitia has over 10 years’ experience in business development and management, and 9 years’ experience in training and internal coaching. 

She works with you to define the best training programme to meet your needs in terms of capture and response to tender. She works in training.

Aymeric Dessus De Cérou
Consulting and Support Manager

Drawing on 10 years’ worth of experience in industrial operations and 10 more years in business development, Aymeric builds bridges between your commercial and technical teams. Aymeric works in training and business coaching, especially on public procurement projects in France and internationally. 

He has supported SMEs and large corporations in their tender response projects, and has also contributed to concession projects for consortiums.

Shipley’s certified trade-specific experts

Our training and support is provided by consultants with experience in your field. All have received Shipley certification to train and coach your teams towards success in their responses to tender.

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Training and support
- a virtuous circle to reinforce the methodology

Shipley’s training courses

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Receive support from Shipley’s certified coaches in your responses to tender

Shipley, international request for tender expertise

About Shipley, your consultant specialised in international requests for tender

Shipley France is a business development consultancy company offering support and training. We monitor requests for tender to identify the know-how required for managing opportunities, writing tenders and proposals and how to prepare a request for proposal. We improve your performance and help you develop your business.

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CEO, Shipley France, CEO and Partner, P-Val Conseil


  • Operational responsibilities in capital markets
  • Business Performance Manager
  • Definition of development strategies and implementation management
  • Director of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence


  • Ecole Polytechnique (X92)
  • Master’s Degree in Applied Mathematics and Finance – Paris VI (Nicole El Karoui)
Training Director


  • Internal Coach
  • Training Manager and Internal Trainer
  • Key Accounts Manager
  • Business Manager


  • RNCP Certified Professional Coach – Linkup Coaching
  • Master’s Degree in Commercial Negotiation – Negocia Paris (2005)
Dessus De Cerou
Method and Consulting Director


  • Response to Tender Project Director
  • Manager of Public Transport Operations and Maintenance
  • Business Developer, France and International


  • Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées (2003)
  • Prince 2 Practitioner
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